Totem Signs

Sign Profile: Totem Signage

Track Markers, or Totems as they are commonly known, are very sturdy and offer great information on shared footways, tracks, parks, gardens and sports grounds.There are two profiles available, both of which are to be concreted into the ground to offer the best security of your sign.These signs offer a larger area for warnings, hazards, regulatory or interpretive signs than a post sign and a good for off-road and intersecting carriageways.These totem signs are great for council’s and school’s. For your custom totem sign give us a call. 

Specifications: (millimetres)
Totems 200mm x 50mm x 2000mm 

200mm x 75mm x 2000mm

Colours: Charcoal
Logos & Symbols: These are always reverse-routed as a first option, but if this is not possible due to logo complications or by request, they will be printed. 


Small, medium and large plaques can be fitted.