Post Signs


Sign Profle: Post Signage

Post signs generally have two functions, as a guide/track reassurance sign and secondly as a facility symbols sign. Guide signs are usually placed near access points to show destinations or places of interest and reassurance signs let users know that they are on the correct path. Posts can show prohibitive and regulatory symbols and also facility symbols such as toilet signs that are usually placed within 200 meters of the facility and are accompanied by a directional arrow. This type of sign is non invasive, gets the message across quickly especially with visitors from other countries and are easier for children to interpret. 


Specifications: (millimetres)
Posts: 125×125 x 1.5m 90×90 x 2.4m 150×150 x 2.0m 130×130 x 1.8m
Colours: Green, Grey, Blue, Black
Lettering: Lettering can be routed into the posts.
Symbols: Can be routed into posts.