Plank Signs

Sign Profile: Plank Signage

Quite a few different options are available with plank signs. Logos and symbols can be routed into the posts or planks, along with lettering on planks to provide clear legible information to showcase relevant information for a particular site. Planks are generally recessed into the posts for greater security and you can have up to four planks providing ample space for all your signage requirements. For your customised plank sign give us a call. 

Specifications: (millimetres)
Planks: 200×40 – 90×40 – 150×50
Posts: 125×125(1.5m) – 90×90(1.8m)
150×150(2.0m) – 130×130(1.8m)
Colours: Green, Grey, Blue
Lettering: 40mm – 120mm depending on plank size. Generally large is 80mm and small is 60mm.